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Ford Adds STX Package to Expedition | Deletes Third Row Seating

Ford is expanding the Expedition full-size SUV lineup with the new STX Package, a spacious choice with an attractive price for customers who need seating for five plus the versatility and capability of a full-size SUV.

“The Expedition STX is perfect for families who lead an active lifestyle that requires the capability and space of a full-size SUV,” said Devin McParlane, Expedition brand manager. “They get all of the content they desire at an attractive price, plus a great appearance.” Click Here to Continue Reading...
This Thing Just Keeps Getting Better | 2020 Ford Ranger FX4 Review

I have to admit, the more I drive the Ford Ranger the more I like it. The Ranger is currently Ford’s smallest pickup truck (keep an eye out for the upcoming Maverick), and it excellently combines throwback style ride and handling with modern safety and convenience. A bit over a year ago we had the opportunity to spend a week with a Sport Appearance Pack equipped Ranger Lariat, and we really enjoyed our time with it. Fast forward ~13 months and we were once again placed behind the wheel of 2020 Ranger FX4, but this time we got to let it flex its off road abilities quite a bit more.

First, I have to say that every positive aspect we noted in our previous Ranger review has only improved. The Ranger is one of those vehicles where the more time you’re given to appreciate it, the more you will like it. It is highly maneuverable, gets respectable mileage, and is supremely useful. The interior is comfortable, with all the basic creature comforts one would expect, and this little truck has to have the hottest seat heaters I have ever experienced. If you were looking for a light duty truck to perform daily driver duties while still being able to do respectable levels of work, the Ranger is something you should consider. Click Here to Continue Reading...
5.2L Supercharged Predator V8 Power | Not Yet Announced for the Gen III F-150 Raptor

Ford, America’s truck leader, created an off-road icon in 2009 when it introduced the desert racing-inspired F-150 Raptor. It was designed to not only speed over rough terrain, but also to jump and catch air.

And today, it’s born again with an all-new third-generation F-150 Raptor that takes the mechanical and technical brilliance and precision of Raptor and infuses it with enhanced connected technology that means the experience of owning one will only improve over time. Click Here to Continue Reading...
IATs Terminated |VMP's 3100 TVS Supercharger and Intercooler for 2003-04 SVT Cobra Mustangs

For nearly twenty years the SVT Cobra Terminator has roamed the streets; dispatching its challengers without pity, remorse, or fear. It is a machine designed for a single purpose, to terminate the competition. Two decades later, there’s still nothing quite like the 2003-04 Cobra. The unending march of technological progress has produced cars that are faster and more powerful, but at the cost of the soul which made the Terminator so special. Owners of these cars know exactly what I’m talking about.

However, the advances in technology that have benefited newer Mustang models can also be used to enhance the already capable Terminator platform. VMP Performance has long provided TVS supercharger upgrades to the Ford community, and over the years has released several blower models for the Terminator. For 2021 VMP is preparing to launch their most powerful Terminator offering yet, one based on the new Eaton 3100 TVS rotor pack. Click Here to Continue Reading...
Major Supplier Issues Cut Projected MY2021 Bronco Production by 75%

We’ve seen this one coming for a while. The ravages of the Covid pandemic have reached the supply chain for new Ford Bronco production. As of now only an estimated 25% of current reservation holders will receive a MY21 Bronco. Total 2021 model production is projected to be ~60,000 units.

Today is the first true day to order, though the order banks did open last night. We have been told the following:

Dealerships will be contacting customers today to tell them where they stand on their list, as far as timestamps go, because that will determine whether they will receive a MY21 or a MY22. The timestamps matter per the individual dealership. So if a certain dealership had the first 100 reservations in the entire country, it would still only get 25 of them...
Click Here to Continue Reading...
VMP | Destroying High IATs in the 2020+ Shelby GT500 Mustang

The 2020+ Shelby GT500 Mustangs are a marvel of modern V8 performance. It’s 2650 TVS Supercharged 5.2L Predator engine cranks out impressive power while still being completely docile during every day around-town driving. However, when you lay your foot into the skinny pedal you better be ready to go for a tide. This is especially true if you happen to be on a road course. But that’s also where you’ll find one of the GT500’s weaknesses.

Spinning that blower hard enough to create the boost needed to produce 760HP creates a lot of heat. Elevated intake air temperatures leads power loss, it’s just a fact of hot rodding. Unfortunately, the GT500’s intercooling system can quickly be overwhelmed in prolonged WOT situations. It can be easily see in datalogs from dyno sessions or hot-lapping at the strip. However, that’s where the guys at VMP Performance come into play. Click Here to Continue Reading...
2020 2.3L High Performance Package Mustang | Stepped-Up Styling and Power

Technological progression can be a wonderful thing. When the 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang debuted for the 2015 model year, it’s performance potential surprised quite a few people. The all-aluminum mill came packed with a forged crank, steel ring-land in the pistons, and was topped off with a twin-scroll turbo. With basic mods we had our EB Mustang making 340HP and 44TQ to the wheels. That car could certainly surprise the occasional 3V GT.

Not wanting to be left out of go-fast game, Ford worked up a High Performance package for its base 2.3L Pony Car. This package is much more than a revised ECU strategy and some badges. Team Mustang made the trip across town to the Ford Performance garage to raid the Focus RS parts bin. They essentially snatched the entire engine. The die-cast aluminum block and high flowing cylinder head were modified and turned 90-degrees in order to drive the rear wheels. That’s all boosted by a larger 63mm water cooled twin-scroll turbo. The upgraded snail gives the engine a broader powerband that tops out at 330 Horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Click Here to Continue Reading...
Mach 1 Wheel Design | The Art Behind the Performance

Inspired by construction and engineering marvels such as bridges, roll cages and even bird’s nests, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 Handling Package wheels aim to capture attention when they reach roads and tracks across the U.S. and Canada early next year.

Using a layered construction design typically reserved for show cars and other non-production vehicles, the cast aluminum wheels bring with them on-track benefits such as structural integrity for hard cornering and about a two-pound weight drop from the standard Mach 1 wheels, despite being one inch wider. Click Here to Continue Reading...
4-Digit HP | VMP 3100 TVS Superchargers for Coyote and GT500

We’ve known this was coming for over a year, but that passage of time hasn’t seemed to reduce the fevered interest in the forthcoming slate of TVS 3100 based superchargers. Of the manufacturers that will be releasing kits based on the 3100 rotor pack, VMP Performance has to be the one garnering the most interest. We’ve heard talk of VMP 3100 blower head units testing out in the wild for some time now, but we recently got a chance to check out a couple such setups at VMP’s HQ in FL.

The two engines in question are heavy hitters in the field of modern Ford performance mills, a 5.0L Coyote and a 5.8L Trinity. The Coyote was instrumented up for testing. On top of several pressure sensors located throughout various sections of the intake tract, VMP placed one very interesting sensor near the blower pulley. Click Here to Continue Reading...
VMP Product Development | Stage 3 Odin 2650 TVS Supercharger & Ice Tank

Few things get my inner scientist going like seeing practical engineering advancements being tested, and the crew at VMP Performance do that on the daily. We recently stopped by and found them working away on several projects that will soon be coming to a Mustang near you. One car on the scene that should be familiar to anyone in the Coyote Performance World is VMP’s own Chuck Harter’s 2019 10R80 equipped Mustang GT. It has been a VMP Odin blower test car since the program began, and they are far from finished with it.

As it sits, Chuck’s car is not sporting VMP’s latest Stage 3 Odin 2650 TVS Supercharger featuring Magnuson’s DFT port design. Magnuson is VMP’s manufacturing partner for the Odin line of blowers, and they bring over 60 years of supercharger design experience to the table. The VMP/Magnuson team has been producing some of the most impressive Mustang blower kits in recent memory and there’s a lot more on the way. If you’re interested in seeing inside a VMP Stage 3 Odin 2650 take a look at this vid: Click Here to Continue Reading...