1. 2

    WANTED: 03/04 terminator

    Hey everyone, I’m looking to buy an 03 or 04 terminator. I live in St. Louis, MO. I would love to have a white one but open to other colors as well. Even if you don’t have one for sale, if you know of one or know where I can look to find one I would greatly appreciate your help! Thank you!!!
  2. svt703

    FOR SALE: 03 Sonic Blue Cobra

    Selling my 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra (formerly black). I imagined I’d keep it longer but, I guess the time has come. Primary reason for selling is that I think it deserves better. Where I live, I can’t get this car to be itself. Also, it will help me financially as I am looking to buy my own place...
  3. C

    2003 Cobra engine need help

    2003 cobra coupe 65000 miles. Had the engine rebuilt in fall of 2020 (it had a leaking intercooler and no compression on cylinder 8). I was not given a full parts list but what I was told (that I remember) was replaced: every seal and gasket inside the engine, pistons, intercooler, plugs, wires...
  4. 1

    WANTED: WTB - 2003/04 Cobra Terminator Convertible

    Hi. All, I’m looking to buy a 2003/04 Cobra Terminator Convertible. My preference is an accident free car that is stock or has minimal mods and under 50K miles. Color choices are Oxford White, Redfire, Silver, Blue or Grey with a dark interior and black top. I live in NY and will entertain...
  5. Lewis.ou

    Special Edition 1:4 Scale 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 4.6 Liter DOHC Supercharged Model Engine For Sale

    These units are unique numbered 19/1000 and 24/1000 asking 1000 obo for each unit. Thank you. - Lewis
  6. Robbiejaegle

    Looking to buy a nice new edge cobra

    Looking to buy a nice new edge cobra coupe for 15k or less also looking for a saleen have cash in hand and ready to buy
  7. WinnipegGuy

    WTB 10th anniversary

    I’m looking for a 10th anniversary. Please message me if you’ve got one for sale. thank you.
  8. robz707

    Looking for a 2003 sonic blue cobra (IN CALI)

    Im currently in the market for a 2003 cobra in sonic blue, cant seem to find ANY in my area (California). Looking for one under 40k miles that has been taken care of really well. No dents or accidents, dont really mind if it has mods or not, plan on putting a Whipple anyways.
  9. 03SVTDSGVert

    First Cobra! 2003 DSG Vert - What mods next?

    Hello Everyone, I recently had the opportunity to pick up a 2003 DSG Vert Cobra, love the car! I'm in Canada and unfortunately the driving season is pretty much over. I figured I would take the next few months, by few I mean 6 months at least lol, to do some research on what mods should be...
  10. LOPSI

    2003 SB Cobra Coupe

    Buyer backed out. Still for sale taking offers. Want it gone so I can stopping thinking about keeping it. History / Reason for selling: I am the third owner and I purchased it back in early May of 2016 in NJ off a fellow forum member. One of the stock half shafts broke around a month...
  11. AppalachianGirl

    '03 Cobra Coupe-Only 12k original miles-Satin Silver

    Still for sale 10/10/17...price reduction to $29500. We have a family now and we have other fun priorities. We have owned this car since 2003. I (the wife) have been the only one driving our Cobra the past 5 years, <600 miles put on car in 5 yrs. I adore this ride...it's like getting inside and...
  12. JR95Vert

    10th Anniversary Mats

    Lightly used 10th anniversary mats, were removed from car at afound 5k miles. Looking for $250 shipped, plus PayPal fees. Pm me offers
  13. 1sick03svt

    Terminator 1/2 Mile Record

    I'm struggling to find good information on the interwebs about 1/2 mile speed records for the 2003/2004 Cobra. I'm specifically looking for the stock, unported Eaton, stock longblock, stock transmission record. I'd like to take the crown on this at the upcoming WannaGoFast event in North...
  14. NS99GT

    03 Lightning for sale low miles

    Ford Lightning Red 54,700 miles Mods NGK TR-6 0.032 gap 4# lower stock upper Lowered long bars Sct x4 tuned by Paul at modern muscle in NJ. Made 425 561 at the tires CAI Stock exhaust muffler delete truck has been 12.5@109 at Atco Raceway in NJ Full cirvinis body kit hard bed liner moto metal...
  15. S

    Sonic Blue 03 Cobra 38k Miles

    My 2003 Cobra was built on 05/23/2002 the build number is 180 of 8394. It is in immaculate condition in Sonic Blue. This car is my second vehicle, and I just don't have time to drive it. The Cobra has been garage kept, and I only drove it on the weekends. As it currently sits it only has 38,114...
  16. 6

    2003 silver cobra

    Low mileage! Satin Silver Cobra 14,146 miles Very nice 2003 Cobra with perfect interior, everything works. Only modifications are Mac cat back exhaust, Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates, Steeda bump steer kit, FTBR IRS complete bushing kit with adjustable rear toe links and sway bar...
  17. TorchRedSVT

    03 10th Anniversary Torch Red in NC 21k miles

    Finally selling my 10th Anniversary 03 Terminator Cobra, I have been a “care taker” of the car since 2009 when it had only 6k miles, it now has 21k miles on it and you will be hard pressed to find a nicer 03/04. I have a small garage and I am beginning a restoration on my AMC Javelin so I need...
  18. C

    WTB 2003/2004 Cobra

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the market for a Terminator. So far I haven't had much luck. I have had my eye on dealerships for about a year now (Of course I couldn't find one) and have been searching on craigslist. I am located in South Central Tennessee area. Let me know what you all!
  19. T

    WTB: Complete 03 - 04 Cobra Engine or Complete Wrecked Car

    Hi I am looking to buy either a complete 2003 - 2004 Cobra engine or a complete totaled car. I would prefer a running engine but would be open to a motor that needs some work depending on the price. Either PM or give me a call at 313-408-4494.
  20. A

    2003 Cobra Convertible Aux Port

    Hello Everyone, I am working on finalizing a deal on a 2003 Cobra convertible with 10th anniversary package. My wife has a couple of concessions about the car, including the ability to use an external device (iPhone, etc) with the car. Based on what I can tell, it has the Mach 460 system with...
  21. J

    2003 Mustang Convertible with Saleen Kit Wheel and Tire Sizes

    I have a 2003 Mustang Gt Convertible with a Saleen Body Kit. I have not lowered it at all and am planning on replacing the 17" Bullitt wheels with a Saleen Style wheel. I want the staggered look with a much wider rear tire. I need direction on the choice of 18",19" or 20" rims. The 18"...
  22. csgoalie30

    FS: Black 2003 Mustang Cobra SVT Coupe

    I really wish I didn't have to do this but I am starting a business... This is great low mileage and well-maintained cobra! I want her to go to a good home and to someone that will take car of her just like I did! Please, serious offers only! NO TRADES! Looking to sell fast, business is opening...
  23. G

    $15,900 Black SVT Vert

    Need to sell my cobra, ive owned since 2011, 2003 Mustang Cobra Convertable 26k Miles on motor,Rebuilt @pickups plus n Columbus Ohio 2.65/upper pulley 100mm idler jlt cold air Spec 3 Clutch new nitto 555s Mishimoto radiator hid lights n fogs Car Runs Strong, No issues with it $15,900 17406566758
  24. H

    2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible - $16,000

    2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible - $15,000 2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible for sale located in St. Louis, MO: 86,000 Miles Newer Tires Newer Spec Stage II Clutch New Brakes New Battery Modifications: SLP Cat-Back Exhaust BBK Cold Air Intake 2.8" Upper Pulley SCT Tuner IRS Brace...
  25. S

    UPR tubular k member in convertible cobra???

    So I bought a upr tubular k member for my 03 cobra. It is a convertible so it comes factory with subframe connectors and this large "x-brace" (for lack of better terms) that attaches from side to side then in the center to the factory k member. the upr k doesn't have any mounting locations for...