1. 6

    FOR SALE: Air Lift Performance w/ Autopilot 05-14 Mustang

    For sale is an Air Lift Performance front and rear system with Autopilot V2 Digital Air Management for an 05-14 Mustang. The system was purchased from Team Beefcake for $3,290 (see receipt below) and was on my car for approximately 4,000 miles. My car was never driven in poor weather and always...
  2. matt5058

    FOR SALE: Shelby shock tower brace, SR springs, OEM suspension parts

    Trying to get rid of a few things taking up space in my garage. Shelby shock tower brace - Like new. I had this on my car for maybe a couple thousand miles. $70 SR Performance front lowering springs. Unsure of mileage but I bought the full set second hand from a guy and still have the rears...
  3. C

    Bilstein Shocks (For IRS)

    Selling a used set of OEM Bilstein shocks (for IRS) that came off of a friends Cobra that I was going to swap onto my car. I ended up selling my car and have no use for these now. I’m not sure of the exact mileage on them, but I know it’s under 40k miles. I have low mile Monroe shocks I’ll throw...
  4. Kostas

    Ford Racing Suspension

    I'm selling my Ford racing suspension off my 09 Shelby GT500. Everything is in excellent working condition, and had paid $1900 new, asking for $950 shipped! M-5490-B Fits 07-12 GT500 FRONT sway bar only. (I have it, just not shown in pics) 2. M5300-L Fits 07-14 GT500 rear springs. 3...
  5. 04terminatorcobra

    Misc 2003 Cobra Parts

    I have some parts for sale from a 2003 cobra with 49,000 miles that I am parting out. All prices are plus paypal fees and shipping. Front Bilsteins - $95 Front Calipers and Rotors - $300 Front H&R springs - $95 Factory Radio - $100
  6. matt5058

    Suspension questions - LCA brackets/PHR & lowering springs

    I'm looking to better understand adjustments that need to be made with current mods if I decide to lower my car. I have Whiteline lower control arms and a Whiteline adjustable panhard rod on my 2014 GT. Originally I wasn't planning on dropping the car (roads are pretty crappy around here and...
  7. A

    Dampening Shocks

    I recently swapped out my rear stock dampening shocks for Viking shocks. Since I did that the car will continuously switch from Comfort to Sport mode every 5-10 seconds. In order to combat that I plugged in the stock shocks and just have them laying in my trunk. Is there a more permanent fix...
  8. H

    Thoughts on necessity of CC plates with my setup

    Hi folks, still fairly new to the Cobra scene (96 Cobra convertible) as I've only really had classic Mustangs that needed worked on. Right now, my car is bone stock except 10.5 17" wheels on the rear, and chrome Cobra rims all the way around. My front tires are too narrow for the rims, so I'm...
  9. L

    GT500 OEM suspension parts

    Recently lowered my 08 Shelby GT500 and upgraded the suspension, so I have the OEM stuff available. They came off with only 12k miles on the car, so they are in excellent condition and are not worn out. What I have: struts (assembled and complete), rear shocks, rear springs, panhard bar...
  10. greb87

    Bilstein or Ford Racing shocks and struts

    Looking into getting a new set of shocks and struts. Currently running Ford Racing lowering springs with stock shocks and struts but want to upgrade to either the Ford Racing Adjustables (Which I'm told are actually Tokico D-Specs) or Bilstein HD's. I've heard the Bilsteins are pretty bullet...
  11. S

    Koni 87421121 Sport Front Shocks

    Koni 87421121 Sport Front Struts Pair of Koni 87421121 sport front struts. Came off my '96 Cobra. Surface scratches but nothing outside of normal wear. Also have 425# springs to go with them if interested (posted separately) $350. Buyer pays PayPal fees & s/h from 78758
  12. R

    J&M Products Koni Shock Value Sale Special Pricing

    J&M Products has all of the Koni Shocks and Struts on Sale for the once a year KONI Shock Value Sale Check out some these Special Pricing Offers: KONI 8041 1186 Sport 1994-2004 Koni Sport Adjustable Rear Shock Was $145.60 Now $116.48
  13. S

    2003 Cobra Coupe Front Springs and Rear Shocks

    Springs were cut to lower the car approximately 1.5". Shocks are from a high mileage cobra but shine up and work fine. 100 plus shipping & paypal for both. I also have a 2003 Cobra K member with Stock A arms available for pick up only, asking 125 Thanks, Nate Feedback is from a seller...
  14. F

    Koni Sport Adj Shock and Strut Kit

    Koni Sport Adj Shock and Strut Kit Koni sport shocks (2) Rear 8741 and (2) Front 1494 Sport for 2005-2010 Mustang, including GT500 up to 2014. Brand new in box, never installed. $600 plus shipping
  15. gt5.0coyote

    2012 mustang front and rear shocks and struts

    if anyone is interested I have shocks and struts from my 2012 mustang gt. They only have about 150 miles on them, same with the springs. If anyone is interested in either PM me.
  16. Texas12GT

    Rear Suspension Rattle after Peeling Out

    Okay, this morning on my way to work I did a couple nice peel outs. After the second one, I slowed down and turned into the neighborhood my work is in. Then I started to hear a random rattling noise from the rear end. Sounds like metal on metal rattle with acceleration at low speeds. What is...
  17. C

    2011 SVTPP shocks, struts and springs

    SOLD!!! 2011 SVTPP shocks, struts and springs Selling the svtpp shocks struts and springs from my 2011 gt500. $300. Would prefer local sales. (Orange County, CA.) don't know how much shipping would be. Chris - 7148600925 text me for pictures of the parts. I also have a couple other take off...
  18. C

    2011 SVTPP shocks, struts and springs

    SOLD!!! 2011 SVTPP shocks, struts and springs Selling the svtpp shocks struts and springs from my 2011 gt500. $300. Would prefer local sales. (Orange County, CA.) don't know how much shipping would be. Chris - 7148600925 text me for pictures of the parts. I also have a couple other take off...
  19. BLK03SVT

    2011 GT500 Takeoff Suspension Parts- Phoenix, AZ

    I have too many takeoff parts that are accumulating in the old garage so i thought I'd put them out there. All of these parts are off of a 2011 GT500, non PP car. The car is always garaged, not a daily driver and most of these parts were removed with somewhere around 5-6,000 mi on the car (car...
  20. RMR Cobra 3094

    Bilsteins and Eibach Springs

    I have a set of Bilstein shocks and struts off of my 1997 cobra, unsure of mileage, a little dirty but in good condition (not blown) and come with dust guards - $150 + Shipping and PayPal fees I also have a set of Eibach springs in black, i believe they are a 1" drop, not sure though, also not...
  21. Boogie Chillin

    FS: Stock 03 Cobra Bilstein Front Struts & Rear Shocks w/ only 15K miles

  22. SonicSnake 03


    Im looking to get the upr k member coilover kit, but dont know what spring rate and length to get. Ive searched around alot but cant come up with a straight answer. Car is around 3700lbs, going to be using the stock bilstiens and normal lowering springs on the rear(irs). Mostly street and strip...
  23. A

    shocks for my 98

    I am in DIRE need of some decent new shocks that won't break the bank. I have my car lowered 11/2 inches. Replaced the original shocks last year with some lousy Monroe shocks. Ever since then the car literally feels like i'm driving a buckboard. the slightest bump in the street or road is a...
  24. bigred2013

    BMR +/- 2* Camber Adjustment Bolts BRAND NEW IN BOX

    Bought BRAND NEW from Didn't use when I installed my BMR springs because I didn't need the extra adjustment. Pretty much bought just out of pre-caution. Lmk. Paid $50, asking $30, buyer pays shipping but once again, box only weighs MAYYYBE 2lbs. So. PM or post here.
  25. C

    WTB: Suspension set up for 2011 (struts, shocks, springs, LCAs, bars, all !)

    Hello. I want to buy suspension parts for my 2011 v6. most aftermarket parts from 2011-2014 would fit in, and I believe a lot of parts made for 2005-2010 too. Let me know what you are sellling (Also looking for Brembo brakes take off)