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    Time for a new TV. Recommendations?

    My 65' Panasonic has been great, and can be found at a very decent price. I assume you are getting a Smart TV and add-on sound bar as well. Enjoy
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    2010 GT500 vs 2017 FBO C7 GS

    Good work, Islander. You are going for a record catch.....
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    Anyone else frustrated with Ford over the next GT500?

    The dude probably rocks a '96 Cobro or similar, and is really diggin' the mpg.
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    17 zl1 auto vs hellcat auto both stock

    No, he is talking about the Camaro. Torq Mgmt seems to be a standard feature.
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    Keep the '15 5.0 or 392 charger scat pack

    SP>5.0>SS. Do it, you will not look back.
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    Who actually likes their jobs?

    We all love our Jobs, only work 6 months a year, take home 3 large after taxes. This is SVT!
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    Dealer Cost v Invoice on Hellcat

    It's a 650RWHP car with a full warranty, Geez. Who cares about a few issues where the defects are measure in the PPM. Grow a pair and just do it....:cool:
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    sc chevy ss vs hellcat

    He had a 2 outta 3 chance, and still landed on the wrong forum....:eek:
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    Phoenix vs Austin

    Austin: Phoenix: Nuff Said....
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    Front end clunk?

    Great, good to be rid of the hooptie sound......
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    Front end clunk?

    I would double check the sway bar links, and place some loctite, which fixed mine.
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    275/40/18 Front Tires

    Went ahead are put fatties on the front, I was tired of the stretched look of the 255's. What a great move, should have done this sooner. Feels much more planted, and did not lose any steering feel. Front Tires - Toyo T1 275/40/18, Rears Toyo TQ 315/35/18.
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    AVIC X950 Nav-Blu installed

    Finally replaced my prehistoric shaker-1000 with a Pioneer Avic X950 touchscreen Nav\Phone\DVD\CD\HD Radio\etc. Head unit was ~$700, and replaced all Non-Sub speakers at the same time. Everything is working flawlessly, and sounds great. If you are on the fence for after-market, just do it...
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    2009 GT500 Ford Racing Shock Tower Brace

    Used Ford Racing Front Shock Tower Brace. * Sold* Thanks