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  1. D

    Vortech v3 installation on my 02 GT, not entirely sure how my PCV/Vacuum Lines should be connecting with the Aftercooler/Catch can

    Not quite sure how my PCV/Vacuum lines should be connected, even more so with my new catch can installed. Staring at these 20 year old manual photos for a while now, it seems like my IAC should connect to my inlet duct, and my PCV lines need to connect to the 2 plastic bungs at the end, but with...
  2. B

    FOR SALE: 2.1 Kenne Bell for 99-04 Mustang GT $3500

    Up for sale is my Kenne Bell kit i pulled off of my 99 2valve. Its a 2.1 intercooled kit with a 2.6 inlet and comes with a 3.25” pulley making around 9 psi.I used a CNC machine for the spacer between the blower and the manifold to fit this kit under a stock GT hood as long as you have the hood...
  3. Turkey_Lurker03

    6.2 SOHC SWAP?

    Where are all the Boss 6.2 SOHC 2v new edge swaps? The boss motor has been out for 10 years now, and can easily be found on ebay for around 3k...perhaps even cheaper with some patience. The only completed 6.2 swap I've seen was a foxbody for sale on this forum over 5 years ago. Had a carb...
  4. Goose17

    Fox Body/SN-95/New Edge squeaky front end fix!

    Did a little project on my 95 “2-top” convertible Mustang Cobra today. The front end on this one is “squeaky.” I had the same thing on a couple of my other cars... here is the fix:
  5. A

    WTB 03/04 *Coupe* In/Near North Carolina

    As the title states, I'm looking to buy an 03 or 04 Coupe in literally any color other than zinc yellow. Kind of working on a budget. Not looking to spend more than about $20k give or take a little. Willing to travel a bit for a good deal. Mainly trying to find something in overall good...
  6. L

    Custom interior

    Has anyone done or seen custom upholstery in a terminator or new edge in general? Like Alcantara or leather on the dash or replacing the plastic door trim.
  7. MathewMM

    Max tire size for 1999 GT?

    Hello all, This has probably been asked millions of times but I've been unable to find a definitive answer. I'm currently running 275/35r17 on all four corners of my car, as well as a 2" drop for my suspension. and I'm wondering what the max width of the rear tire could be on an 18 inch rim. I'm...
  8. JSZ03

    Terminator seats F/S - Fronts only, MINT condition (PA)

    FOR SALE IN PA: 2003 Terminator front seats, grey suede with black leather located outside Harrisburg, Pa. In storage for last year or so, nearly 100% perfect shape - bolsters are mint....some of the nicest fronts I've ever seen for sale.....these seats are getting tougher and tougher to find...
  9. J

    Best bolt on upgrades 03 cobra

    Hi guys, I just purchased a 2003 10th anniversary vert. The car is completely stock, just wondering what upgrades I can do to get more power. I understand the typical upgrades such as exhaust, tune and cai is best way to start out. Just want to know what the best combinations are. I would like...
  10. GreekThunder

    Help tuner problem

    Ive had an SCT tuner for a long ass time. It was previously used for a v6 mustang. I have upgraded to a gt and want to use my tuner for it. Ive returned the v6 to stock and updated the tuner. I know I need to get nee tunes for it since its a different motor. But I talked to other people saying I...
  11. LetsBoost

    What Forged Rod's and Piston's Should I Get?

    I want to forge my engine so I can supercharge it. But I don't want to pay a shop to do it. I have friends who work on cars so they can help me. But, I don't know what exactly to get. I was going to go with Summit Racing but their website confused me. So, can anyone help me with what kit I...
  12. LetsBoost

    How to put a Twin Screw Supercharger on an 01 Cobra

    I want to supercharge my mustang, don't want a centrifugal. Love the look of Twin Screws. I know you can put one on the 99-01 Cobra, but I know I need to do a little modifying. What exactly do I need to do?
  13. LetsBoost

    Aftermarket cold air intake and Procharger?

    I have an aftermarket JLT air intake coming off the throttle body of my 01 Cobra. The problem is that I want to put a Procharger on my car in the future and from the pictures I've seen is that the Cobra has a stock air intake and the Procharger has an air intake that goes where my aftermarket...
  14. LetsBoost

    Stock 01 Cobra P1SC Procharger

    So I've read that I can put a P1SC Procharger in my car with 6-8lbs of boost into my Cobra with stock internals. I don't have the money to Forge the internals, so this sounds great to me. But, what else do I need with the procharger kit to upgrade? It mentions something about the fuel system...
  15. Tx_red_gt

    Misfire/Hesitation 98 cobra

    Hello everyone new to svtp and hope to get some good advice and be a part of the community. i have been trying to get this car running right for the longest time now and i dont know where else to turn. Its a 2002 gt with a 98 32v swapped in But running with 01 cobra PCM/Harness so it has 01...
  16. A

    Sn95 axles on my new edge

    I recently broke my new edge gt drivers axle, and I cant seem to find one, but my friend has his sn95 on part and he sells me his sn95 axle that i need, but i heard that the sn95 is slight shorter, will i have any issue swaping that one on my new edge? thanks.
  17. EditorTurner

    Mustang Week 2016 SVTPerformance Burnout Contest

    Smoke Show Get ready for the wildest competition at Mustang Week this year By Steve Turner On Wednesday the Mustang Week activities roll into Myrtle Beach Speedway, where participants are able to check out vendors, run the autocross course and make fun runs around the speedway oval...
  18. C

    Anyone know the difference between a 96-98 and 00-04 pro charger kit

    Hi guys, im looking into buying a P1SC procharger that came of a 98 GT and im trying to put it onto my 2002 Gt. i know the mounting bracket and belt are different but is that all?
  19. EditorTurner

    2016 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Gathering of Fords Over 3,200 Ford vehicles filled the Carlisle fairgrounds for the annual show By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Carlisle Events In the last 15 years Carlisle Events has welcomed fans of all things Ford to the fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for the Ford Nationals. In...
  20. EditorTurner

    Track Guys Camp Steeda Sebring 2016

    Camp Steeda Steeda and Track Guys take over Sebring for high-performance hot laps By Steve Turner For 15 years the crew at Track Guys have traveled to the historic pavement of Sebring International Raceway to host a high-performance driving event. These events offer the opportunity for drivers...
  21. EditorTurner

    LMR Street/Strip 1999 Mustang GT Build

    Green Party LMR builds up a Two-Valve New Edge for street/strip duty By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Late Model Restoration If you’ve been on the Mustang scene for a while, you know that Late Model Restoration got its start offering restoration parts and upgrades for Fox Mustangs. Over the...
  22. GBarnes67

    Non Running 02 GT Kenne bell. many mods 7k

    Pittsburgh PA Text 412 303 7340 for pics First and foremost, there is an issue with the engine. On a full throttle pull, 4th gear it sucked all the coolant into the block itself. I believe it has a blown head gasket and maybe a spun rod bearing or bent rod. Starts and runs but very rough and...
  23. I

    01 Cobra chassis bracing

    Hey guys, Picked up a 01 Cobra vert this past week. Been reading and learning alot about the good and the bad with it. Definitely have the 'ol Cobra clunk that's so talked about here. Thinking to address that with bushings and gears also in one shot, at some point. Anyway, the previous owner...
  24. Robbie915

    96-98 intake cams

    New to the page so not sure where the post should be directed but I'm looking for a set of 96-98 cobra intake cams for my 04 Mach. Been searching for couple weeks hoping to find some on here
  25. B

    DOHC 5.4v High Compression NA

    Alright so gunna go with the navi block, for sure doing the 5.4 dohc swap to my 02. Wanna bring up a new thread cause all the research I've been doing is from threads 3-5 yrs ago and havent found too many recent ones. I've read all the forums and posts and seen about birdman and his swap and am...